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Kekela Farms is a Family-run business dedicated to growing vegetables of the highest quality and with exceptional flavor. Our Farm Market showcases more than 30 different vegetable - over 100 varieties in all. Most are available year-round, while some come and go with the Waimea seasons. On the farm we practice safe, responsible and sustainable agriculture, growing our jewel-like lettuce and other produce to meet the standards of U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Production program.


Wow Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Waimea on the Big Island.  The farm is located on 10 acres of Homestead Land in Waimea, growing a variety of vine ripened tomatoes.  All produce are naturally grown in the soil, using no chemicals or pesticides, growing the sweetest tomatoes in the state.

Hamakua Mushrooms are a specialty and exotic mushroom, grown in a mixture of corncob, wheat bran and grandis eucalyptus saw dust.  This mixture is called substrate.  Mushrooms are carefully cultivated to grow out of a bottle, a method originally developed in Japan.  This growing method was chosen after traditional hand planting was found to be too time consuming and labor intensive.  Because the process can be automated, “bottle cultivation” allowed for commercial level production. This process allowed Hamakua Mushrooms to develop their signature “Ali’i” mushroom, a 2-½ inch mushroom that has a thick, meaty, one-inch-in-diameter stem.

Adaptations Inc. is at the forefront of local sustainable agriculture in Hawaii. Adaptations grows its own certified organic crops on two farms. Veggies, herbs and fruit grow on our 7.5 acre farm in Honaunau and coffee and veggies grow on our one acre farm in Captain Cook. We also source island grown crops from over 100 other growers on the island. 

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